Here you will find 329 wiki pages covering how to install, configure, use, and customize NextPVR. It also contains user-created plug-in and skin downloads and information on how to contribute to NextPVR.


Quick Start - simple to follow guide to downloading, installing and performing initial configuration steps.
User Manual - for help with using NextPVR.
Latest patches - refer to the Sticky thread(s) on the NextPVR Support forum.


Configuration - for further configuration.
Plugin - community created plugins to extend and enhance NextPVR.
Skin - community created skins to change the look of NextPVR.
Clients/Extenders - how to use NextPVR from around the house and around the world!
Community - find out how you can contribute to the project.


If you cannot find the information you need here then head to the friendly community on the forums and meet all the great people that make this software and site work.

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