A range of clients and extenders are supported. These can be used to access NextPVR features from anywhere in and around the house over your home network. Or, in the case of the web client, anywhere in the world!

  • NMT - a family of modern extenders.
  • MVP - an older series of extenders.
  • PC - extend the NextPVR interface to other PCs on your home network.
  • Linux-PC - a Linux based extender.
  • Web - a rich, web based interface into NextPVR.
  • Touch Web Service - experimental - allows 'remoting' of the NextPVR user interface using a standard HTTP connection.
  • XBMC - as of the 'Frodo' beta release, NextPVR can be used as a backend TV server for XBMC's 'Live TV' plugin.

Network Example

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