The Right Click Menu offers context sensitive functionality. A number of the following options will be shown:

Open File

Browse for a video file to play.

Live TV

Starts Live TV.

Picture In Picture

This submenu allows you to change the channel shown in the PIP window, stop PIP mode. It also allows you to choose the size and location of the PIP window.

Main Menu

Returns to the NextPVR main menu.


Shows the Channels popup.


Pauses the currently playing media or TV channel.


Resumes playback the currently paused media or TV channel.


Stops the currently playing media or TV channel.

Audio Stream

Choose an alternative audio stream to use for video playback; 'dubbed' foreign language soundtrack or audio description for the visually impaired for example.

Subtitle Stream

Choose a subtitle stream to use for video playback.

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio to use for video playback.

Set Channel EPG Source

Shows the Channel Details popup, allowing you to configure the EPG for the current channel.


Shows the NextPVR configuration screen.

Stay on top

Enable to forces NextPVR to be shown in front of all other windows.


Quits NextPVR.

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