This screen allows you to search the TV Guide for shows to record.

Work from left to right to narrow down the search by letter, show titles, show instance. Selecting a show instance will display the the show details popup.

The Show Details Popup

Depending on the type and status of the show a number of the following buttons will be available.


Closes the popup and returns to the search screen.


Allows you to edit the selected scheduled recording, to add padding to a late running programme for example. Only shown if the recording is pending or in progress.

Quick Record

Schedules the selected show for recording with the default options.


Schedules the selected show or series for recording with custom options.


Cancels the scheduled recording for the selected show.

Find All

Displays a list of all similar shows.

Remote Control and Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Remote Control
Navigate between the letters, show titles and show instances lists Left, Right Left, Right
Show (hidden) menu bar Home Info

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